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This is the vessel upon which we launched our theatre company. In a house as grand as a ship, we set sail.

In what was Upon These Board’s first offering, this Bay Area presentation of Shakespeare's romance Pericles, Prince of Tyre was a "site specific" event featuring a cast of compatriots (who all continue to delight the stages of the American theatre scene from coast to coast.) The year was 2000 and the venue was the beloved San Francisco landmark edifice and museum, the Haas Lilienthal House.

haas exteriorThe story of Pericles' indemnification unfolded as the Our Vessel ensemble led the audience through the house, scene by scene, promenading to the haunting melodies provided by vocalist Constance Doolan, and finally arriving to the ballroom of billowing blue silk where the unexpected storm ensued, and Pericles’ struggle came to rest. The evening also featured dancer Chris Van Raalte as the god Neptune wearing the fascinating BodySynth to trigger live EMG's - "singing the body electric" - awash with storm, sea and supernatural potential.

"For anyone interested in the art of storytelling, it's a must-see. An unconventional theatrical language, synthesized from cultures around the world to bring the interlocking tales to life; everything in the physical environment, both animate and inanimate is endowed with observable kinetic energy. Staging of the type pioneered by UTB generates considerable excitement."

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The sumptuous environs of this historic Victorian-era museum reverberate with a historical past, a majesty and a mystery. With Our Vessel is from Tyre we accomplished three important artistic objectives: united a consortium of theatre colleagues within a great piece of literature, introduced our signature style of Object Theatre, and presented our event in the most specialized of venues.

It has been nine years since our vessel sailed, and still we bounce on the waves, searching the horizon from our shipdeck to spot intriguing land ahead. Within the sinews of this event were the hopes and dreams which have lead us to our new adventure, a house of our own, Cerimon House in Portland, Oregon.

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The Ensemble included: Karl Hanover, Lindsey Andersen, Gregg LeBlanc, Constance Doolan, Molly Noble, David Buttaro, Jennifer LeBlanc, Matthew Travisano, Brooks Ralston, Chris Van Raalte, and a wonderful consortium of performers from Porchlight Theatre Company, Staged Hereafter, Women In Time and Upon These Boards.