"A match made in theatre heaven - inventive stagings - stunning effects

- clarity & emotional depth."  

"Abundant imagination and creativity - astounding grace - balletic beauty."  

"...gripping ensemble performance...imaginative props and set pieces...

layers time in a four-decade saga."  

"Praise [for its'] flamboyant theatricality. For anyone interested in the art of storytelling, it's a must-see. Director Stuart and his design team from Upon These Boards employ an unconventional theatrical language, synthesized from cultures around the world, to bring the interlocking tales to life; everything in the physical environment, both animate and inanimate is endowed with observable kinetic energy...It's a tight piece of writing [The Sight Of You] with a white-hot emotional core, the perfect vehicle for Stuart's active directorial style. Flashes of brilliance. Three Blooms demonstrates that, complex staging of the type pioneered by Upon These Boards can generate considerable excitement."  

"With innovative props and puppets, the production hits it's high note with the final tale, the award-winning 'Silver Water', a bold and touching story of a family grappling with mental illness. [It] opens up a new dimension to the already dynamic work of one of America's finest contemporary writers."  

Three Blooms breaks new ground in visual theater.  [UTB has] encompassed animated forms of all kinds - from puppets to fabric shapes. The 12 member cast is superb in all three stories. Three Blooms is one of the most innovative productions of this year. We witness love, compassion, jealousy, envy and all of the delicate inconsistencies and enduring powers of the human heart.”