Upon These Boards in collaboration with

San Francisco's Word for Word Performing Arts Company


Three Blooms is a theatrical bouquet of novelist Amy Bloom's luminous tales Hyacinths, The Sight of You and Silver Water. These particular posies were plucked from her award-winning collection of short stories entitled Come To Me, a family trilogy in which love, longing and loss are revealed, and shocking moments force one's world to shift. This collection brought author Bloom much acclaim, evocatively portraying disturbed individuals amidst backgrounds rich with humanity.

"A match made in theatre heaven - inventive stagings - stunning effects - clarity & emotional depth."   "Abundant imagination and creativity - astounding grace - balletic beauty."  


Featuring actors from both companies, a live score by composer Katy Stephan, and the puppeteering of Peter Q. Parish & Wendy King, Three Blooms is an arrangement of surprise and heartbreak and the yearning that brings us consistently back to the theatre where we might recognize ourselves, our ancestors, and even our future.

"...gripping ensemble performance,

imaginative props & set pieces...layers time in a four-decade saga." 

puppet babies

UTB has been praised for its sure-hand in the art of storytelling, celebrated for its form of “object theatre” and puppetry - employing an invigorating and unconventional theatrical language, synthesized from cultures around the world. The physical environment of Three Blooms is endowed with observable kinetic energy to bring the interlocking tales to life.

"The production hits its' high note with the final tale, a bold and touching story of a family grappling with mental illness. [The production] opens up a new dimension to the already dynamic work of one of America's finest contemporary writers."

The Ensemble: JoAnne Winter, Sheila Balter, Patricia Silver, Amy Kossow, Todd Tressler, Robert Parsons, Gabriel Marin, Elizabeth Carter, Paul Loomis, Jennifer Le Blanc, Peter Q. Parish, Katy Stephan  

Assistant Director: Adrian Elfenbaum  - Sound & Score: Katy Stephan  - Puppets & Objects: Wendy King & Peter Q. Parish  - Fabric Objects: Cassandra Carpenter - Slide Design: Tanya Vlach  - Technical Director: Christopher Kristant