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"Under Milk Wood is ..gorgeous...a piece of art...a divine gift...a titanic work by director Randall Stuart who has managed to find the dynamic spirit of Dylan Thomas. Meet the settlers of Thomas' seaside town, living intensely with all their illusions and problems and enjoy the fascinating use of poetic language and great harmony given by each one of the actors."


“The play is an affirmation: a redemptive piece. Megan Cole, as The Voice, unfurls this plush verbal tapestry with clarity, rhythm and a measured cadence that brings every detail of Llareggub into high-definition, techni-color, stereo-phonic focus.”


"Expertly directed...a moving tableau of life in a small town...a dramatically viable tour de force by director and cast."

"Expertly directed... homogeneous acting of the entire cast ...a moving tableau of life in a small town...a dramatically viable stage play by director Randall Stuart and the cast..."

Porchlight/UTB has succeeded to transform the work into one that could be staged as a play...a high level of staging achievement. Staging the play under the large trees of the Redwood Amphitheatre in the Marin Art and Garden Center is a tour de force for Porchlight/UTB"

"...a poetically rich drama set in a small seaside town in Wales. An array of very talented actors do an outstanding job playing the wide variety of characters living in the town...we’re drawn into their world by the sea as we watch each character roll in and roll out with the surf and their words, that often make us laugh, also cleanse our souls and wash through the tides of our hearts."

"Under the direction of Randall Stuart, the cast create both a poetic and physical landscape that matches the flowing richness of Thomas’ timeless piece....all actors had magnificently reenacted the physical life of a small Welsh town...exceptional performances..."