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Under Milk Wood poster

A co-production with Porchlight Theatre Company, 2008
Molly Noble, Artistic Director

Megan Cole as Rosie Probert and Howard Dillon as Captian Cat

Dylan Thomas' pastoral of the not-quite-fictional Welsh seaside town of Llareggub, where the inhabitants spend their days sleeping, waking, living, loving and then dreaming again. Under Milk Wood was a composition Thomas penned as a radio play for the BBC and, in part, as a poetic reaction to the bombing of Hiroshima. For who does reside in each little town across this pretty world? Well, in Llareggub, the poetical ghosts step off of the page to be enjoyed in all their spontaneous eccentricity, with Thomas proposing that they are remarkably capable of shunning the very authorities who would have them walled-in.

The Willy Nilly's

“…outstanding...we’re drawn into their world by the sea

as we watch each character roll in and out with the surf

- and their words that often make us laugh, also cleanse our souls and wash through the tides of our hearts." 

On the rugged boards of a majestic wooden amphitheatre, Molly Noble and Randall Stuart brought together a mix of artists from their two theatre companies to assay Thomas' haunting masterpiece. The play is ripe for these times and as one of its characters reminds us: a new day begins with each night and life itself can be a green-leaved sermon on the innocence of men.

“The play is an affirmation: a redemptive piece.  

Megan Cole, as The Voice, unfurls this plush verbal tapestry with clarity, rhythm

and a measured cadence that brings every detail of Llareggub into high-definition,

techni-color, stereo-phonic focus.” 

The Ogmores


With a live musical composition by theatre composer Katy Stephan, Under Milk Wood was performed under the stars and the towering trees of the glorious Marin Art & Garden Center's Redwood Amphitheatre.

"...a moving tableau of life in a small town...a dramatically viable tour de force by director and cast."

The Ensemble:  Megan Cole, Stephanie Hunt, Kate Brickley, Janice G. Erlendson, Todd Tressler, Joel Rainwater, Craig Neibaur, Martha Stookey, Amaya Alonso-Hallifax, Erica Smith, Marjorie Rose Taylor, Howard Dillon, Dodds Delzell, Ron Severdia, Sam Congdon & David LoVine

Original Composition: Katy Stephan