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Allen Nause, Artistic Director


Mary Zimmerman's Tony Award winning Metamorphoses brings the Roman poet Ovid's tales to stunning life. Set in a large pool of water, the play juxtaposes the ancient and the contemporary in both language and image to reflect the variety and persistence of narrative in the face of inevitable change. This Artists Rep production featured a multi-cultural cast and a fresh new musical score. UTB added its signature style of epic theatre to the in-the-round staging, aided by an expert core of designers.

“…an always involving, always beautiful,

and deeply moving evening of theatre."

Featuring elements of mask, fabric & object work, Mr. Stuart's Metamorphoses enjoyed a celebrated run as the 2006 season-opener of Portland, Oregon’s award-winning theatre company Artists Rep.

"...[the] ensemble is fully up to the task,

moving briskly and gorgeously through classical tales...

bristling with humor, pathos, heartbreak

and an occasional balm of mercy.

The stories are so engaging,

and the actors play them out so beautifully.”

In Ms. Zimmerman’s play, young Myrrha, broken with her choice and with destiny, pleads to the gods: “Let me step out of my own heart.” The author, speaking of the present war in Iraq, as well as her play in its New York run, notes: “The text had resonances of sudden transformation and a transcendence. It’s a painful and traumatic change into something new and peaceful.”


“...the dynamite cast [create] a masterful and moving performance. The show sublimely weaves together nine tales of transformation with devotional language, aided by reverent lighting. Memorable moments abound. The remarkably talented company draws the audience in like children at the circus, and wide-eyed and eager, we happily follow.”

Producer: Artists Repertory theatre , Allen Nause, Artistic Director - Production Management: Kelly Zakis
Original Score: Rodolfo Ortega - Set Design: Jeff Seats - Mask Design: Jane Clugston - Lighting Design: Jeff Forbes - Costume Design: Jacqueline Davis - Dramaturgy: Paul J. Susi - Photography: Owen Carey
The Ensemble: Wade McCollum, Ka-Ling Cheung, Christine Calfas, Nina Freeman, Andres Alcala, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Joyce Harris Wood, Gilberto Martin del Campo, Marjorie Tatum, Noah Jordan, Jeffrey Gilpin & Paul J. Susi.