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A Lovely Day Cafe 2009

A revolutionary farce.  (Anything can happen during an eclipse.)  Within twenty-four hours (in which, coincidentally, the moon covers the sun) the innocent hero Mr. P.T. Glee awakens and accomplishes at least five major things: he meets his comrades, falls in love, liberates some funds, goes to trial, and encounters a revolutionary future. In a full re-imagining of the 1929 play Pantagleize by Belgium's playwright Michel de Ghelderode, this 'sleeper classic' bolts-wide-awake on the troubling morning of a completely interesting day.

"a grand experience..." "a marvelous encounter..."

"a bracing bit of tale-telling..." 

UTB serves-up a commedia dell'arte feast of hurried humans, moving objects and bushels of emblematic vegetables. In our signature style of the unexpected, we first presented the piece in an intriguing warehouse, with masks designed by master maskmaker Jane Clugston; and then further developed the play with a production created of completely recycled materials at Pacific University in Forest Grove featuring the set & prop designs of Tal Sanders, costumes of Caitlin Quinn and original musical composition by Rodolfo Ortega.

A Lovely Day Orchestro 2009 Production

"engrossing and astounding..." "loved the utter marvel of the masks..."

At the height of his outlandish birthday, the blithe chap Mr. P.T. Glee, hangs from a lamp-post and declares to the maddening crowd:  "Be terribly happy! Won't you? It isn't midnight, but the hour of the good and kind people. I won't stop saying 'Let the sun live long!'  I have my eye on you, Darkness. For I am certain that it is the loveliest day!"  This new version of Pantagleize has much to say about the present state of things on the planet - and so A Lovely Day is an epic farce that will make you sadly happy and happily sad.

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With a deep vow of gratitude to the 2007 Ensemble: Jeffrey Gilpin, Lauren Grace, Nico Izambard, Blaine Palmer, Ted Rooney, Gretchen Rumbaugh, Kerry Ryan, Randall Stuart, Paul J. Susi.
Masks created by Jane Clugston. 2007 music composition by Jeffrey Gilpin.  Hosted by Leanne & David Kesler of the Floral Design Institute.