Inkwell - Cast (The Inkwellians)



This project has been born of the regional repertory system...great theatre artists from around the nation, using their voices to both act as witness, and to read this true story aloud.

The national treasures who have, so far, taken wing as Inkwellians upon the stage and on audio recording, include:

*A: Amy Resnick, Ann Brebner, Andrew Hurteau, Alison Strahan, Alice Rorvik, Amin Soleimani  *B: Barry Kraft, Bonnie Akimoto, Bill Geisslinger  *C: Craig Neibaur, Constance Doolan, Christine Odera, Celia Maurice, Carla Zilbersmith  *D: Dee Maaske, Dawn Lisell, David Allen Moss, Diana Boos  *E: Elizabeth Carter, Ekow Daniels, Eddie Wallace  *G: Gregg Le Blanc  *H: Howard Dillon  *J: James Carpenter, Jarion Monroe, Jennifer Le Blanc, Jamie Jones, Jon Toppo, John Lawton Haehl  *K: Katy Stephan, Kathryn Blume, Karl Hanover  *L: Lorri Holt, Lauren Grace, Luis Saquar, Lauren Bloom, Lilian Piruzan, Lois Hansen  *M: Marco Barricelli, Molly Noble, Megan Cole, Michael Cheng, Mimi Carr, Megan Dane, Mary Ann Rodgers, Malcolm Rodgers, Michael Stevenson, Michael Santo  *N: Nancy Carlin, Naomi Newman, Norman Gee  *O: Owen Murphy  *P:  Peter Donat, Paul J. Susi, Penny Metropulos, Paul Roland, Paul Loomis, Paul Santiago, Phil Stockton, Peter Q. Parish , Peggy Etra  *R: Ray Reinhardt, Richard Howard, Robert Frank, Robert Parsons, Rica Anderson, Remi Sandri, Rafael Untalan  *S: Steven Patterson, Sam Pond, Sarah Kliban, Susan McMillan, Stephan Pawley, Sarah McKereghan  *T: Todd Tressler, Terri McMahon  *V: Vid Buttaro  *W: Warren Saire, Wendy King, Wade McCullom


Adapted from the letters of Ignis Bird

by Randall Stuart

Musical score and original songs

created by Katy Stephan.

Graphic artistry by Dennis Ivan, David Buttaro, Andy McCone.