The Inkwell Communiqués is an original theatre piece based on a true story of an artist conversing with a one of the world's largest governments in an unexpected and ingenious letter writing campaign. Ignis Bird pens hundreds of letters and creates a menagerie of unforgettable characters (seemingly out of thin air) - and then? the world changes. A map is drawn for a New Peace in our time. Oh, thank goodness!

"an ideological coup d’etat which transcends politics"   "revelatory in its courage" 

"real poetry on the American stage"   "a celebration of language"   "tremendously layered"

The four-play-cycle adapted from Bird’s letters, deftly portrays more than a decade of correspondence with the agencies of a government near you - and address the concerns of funding for the arts, education, the environment, First Nations rights, the homeless, veterans and medical research.

Heavenly word-play and wicked satire, this postal barrage concludes with a most invigorating ‘win’ for the whimsical gaggle of circus characters, woodland creatures, soldiers of fortune and one exceptional barrister.  Bird calls-out for compassion to be restored in the land, and the quill-holders come up with a most noble action plan.

"wildly theatrical"  "marvelously literary & charming" "triumphant"  "a gem of a creation" 

"inspirational theatre"   "compelling"  "a huge heart"  "fantastical"  "the language sparkles"

Kathryn Blume, theatre artist and co-creator of Lysistrata Project adds: 

"Inkwell is a creature of Dickensian proportions, and desperately deserves a Nickelby style production; huge cast, multiple characters, spanning the 13 years of the letter campaign. The writing is so lovely, smart, funny, detailed, literate, totally over-the-top. Sparkling, unexpected characters who seem like the bastard love children of William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde."

Inkwell owes its heartbeat to the countless artisans who have participated in the various readings and recordings.

Learn more by visiting the "Ongoing Cast" button (above, left) . Thank you to all of the advocates who have taken flight.