In this adaptation of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens, a fusion of styles rattles the boards when the ancient world and present day merge to illuminate the fall of the benefactor Lady Timon. Or is this fall Timon's self-determined tumble from grace?

The play continues to provoke, just as it did during the playwright's twilight, written but never produced during the early years of the reign of King James I of England. There is a remarkable resonance in the text for our contemporary war-torn souls, as corporate raiders and governmental patsies attempt to ruin the world, and so we offer Fools Fall.

“The contrast is striking between the luscious and extravagant…and the depraved under-world…a deliciously catastrophic polymorphism.  An excellent cast.” 

When does the kindness of a benefactor

deserve the unexpected attack of flatterers?

Who is the crazed lady in the alley,

and what of the rumors that she’s dispensing loads of cold, hard cash?

When-if-ever should the artist 'sell out'

for corporate or commercial funding?

Shakespeare’s allegory reaches out to us

to ask the larger question:

“...who’s the fool now?"

“A stellar cast - a thought provoking evening."

In Act One the opulent and ancient world of Athens is populated by a chorus of flatterers, but Lady Timon is a hostess with all the riches. In Act Two she stumbles into the modern location of Senath, submerging into a dark alley full of scurrilous revolutionaries, and it is only then that the true plight of Timon's society is illuminated.

That which is mythic remains timeless, and when big money is in the balance, someone is bound to fall. The epilogue of Fools Fall offers an elegant "stimulus package" for the foreclosure on Timon's soul.


FOOLS FALL premiered in Autumn 2003 at Oakland's historic Mills College (produced by Gemma Whelan) with a cast that included Guest Artist Kathleen Turco-Lyon and UTB colleagues Jennifer Le Blanc, Lauren Bloom, Sarah McKereghan, Christine Odera, Ekow Daniels & Peter Q. Parish. Stage Design by Richard Olmstead - Costume & Wig Design by Richard Battle - Soundscape by Gregory Scharpen.

FOOLS FALL received a fully staged reading in Portland (2008) featuring Oregon Shakespeare Festival alumni Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Joyce Harris, Dawn Lisell, JoAnn Johnson, Pat Patton, Gretchen Rumbaugh and Portland actors Jeffrey Gilpin, Phil Stockton, Ernie Casciato, Kevin Michael Moore, Tyler Caffell, Alexandra Kuechler, James Sullivan, Michele Brouse Peoples, Allison Tigard, Margie Boule & Paul J. Susi.