Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl


Allen Nause, Artistic Director

...and as featured in the October 2009 American Theatre Magazine

(pages 98 & 99)

Eurydice in Elevator to Underworld

Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice is a rollicking and hallucinatory take on the Greek myth of love and loss. It possesses a keen and wise poetry, and is a ferocious and thrilling valentine. Ms. Ruhl's plya allows a theatrical design team to dream in provocative ways; this production was set in an uncommon environment, inspired by the turn-of-the-century drawings of Winsor McCay, who's famous cartoon Little Nemo In Slumberland continues to delight readers 100 years after its appearance. Eurydice's descent into the Underworld in this production utilized aerial dance, architecture, friction and puppetry to achieve its unexpected "gravity". 

"....[a] fin de siecle fantasia of a production...

...a moving meditation on the power of love and memory,
nurturing and solace, and the connections and choices that define us."

Portraits of the 3 Stones

The innovative design team for this Artists Rep production included Michael Olich (set), Sarah Gahagan (the award-winning costumes), Kristeen Crosser (lighting) and Suzanne Kenney (aerial choreo-graphy). We tip our hat to Mr. McCay for the inspiring visual dreams.

Orpheus and Lord of Underworld

"....a compellingly strange vision of both sides

of the River Styx. The production makes

the Underworld seem like a very creepy/cool/funny/interesting place."

The ensemble included UTB artistic collaborators Jennifer LeBlanc (Lysistrata Project, Three Blooms), Paul J. Susi (Inkwell Communiques, Metamorphoses, A Lovely Day) and an original musical score by Rodolfo Ortega (Metamorphoses, The Wind in the Willows, A Lovely Day).

The Ensemble: Jennifer LeBlanc, Gilberto Martin del Campo, David Bodin, Todd Van Voris, Michael Mendelson, Jill Westerby, Marjorie Tatum, Paul J. Susi, Elizabeth Houghton, Joey Edwards

Design & Composition: Michael Olich, Sarah Gahagan, Rodolfo Ortega, Kristeen Crosser, Alexandra Kuechler, Suzanne Kenney.