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"Don't, do not, please do not, miss it. This is a stunning and inspired piece of theatre, and we should be proud Oakland is its American launching pad. Stuart's brilliant weaving of these fascinating and frightening interviews is complemented by his inspired direction - as the 30 actors (from six different continents) come at the audience from every direction. The crime itself is reenacted at different speeds, angles and surprising moments. This is a strong, relevent and fine piece of theatre; an epic tale told in epic proportions."


"An ever-moving series of tableaux...vivid stagings...and solid performaces. Stuart's effects work exceptionally well: the silent, watchful presence of the Lawrence parents, a witness peering from a window, the heartbreaking tableau of the elderly passers-by trying to comfort Lawrence in his last moments. The testimony contains its own resonant drama, vividly drawn out by the relentless interrogations of the lawyers, and evocatively rendered by [the cast]."


"A mammoth enterprise that manages to condense a tremendously complicated case. With a multi-racial cast of 30, this is one of the most ambitious local productions in recent memory. Director Stuart creates a theater experience teaming with life, violence and human beings at their noblest and their most pathetic."


"The verité quality of the conversations is boosted by the sheer variety of London types who take the stand: surly constables, diffident inspectors, defiant street punks - and the bitter, shattered Lawrence family. It amounts to an absorbing evening of theatre."