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Denis O'Hare
Kathleen Chalfant
Buck Henry


A Theatrical Act of Peace
The Artists Against War & Upon These Boards staged reading of Irwin Shaw's play at the Great Hall at Cooper Union in New York City.


Bury The Dead
The Cast assembles

The Canadian theatre troupe Artists Against War sent out the call for another "one-day/one-play" play reading as part of a powerful week of Peace events protesting the Iraq War.  AAW chose Irwin Shaw's play Bury The Dead, an allegorical one-act with a pro-peace message. Our production featured a cast of 40 including Broadway notables, was musically scored by Katy Stephan, and was hosted by Kathryn Blume and Sharron Bower [the co-creators of Lysistrata Project.]


Suddenly, corpses rise from the dirt.

They will not lie down and be buried until they have told the world

about the brutality and dishonesty of war. It is an uprising of the dead.

The Three Generals shush the truth.
UTB staged one of the largest Lysistrata Project readings in the world on 03/03/03. This follow-up event, Bury The Dead, came at the height of the Katrina and Baghdad tragedies, and featured a cast of 40 actors, who, like the characters in the play, were unwilling to be silenced by naughty war-makers. We stood up on stage - and we also tithed alms to worthy beneficiaries to bring some comfort and aid to the man-made catastrophe on Iraqi battlefields as well as to the natural and political disaster transpiring at that time in Southern State flood sites.

Featuring: Kathleen Chalfant, Buck Henry, Denis O'Hare, Sharron Bower, Kathryn Blume, Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Dee Pelletier, Kenn Watt, Katy Stephan & Eliza Ladd, with Tracey Huffman, Mary Jo McConnell, Jon Tindle, Steven Patterson, David Lee, John Rothman, George Pappas, David Buttaro, Victor Khodadad, Bob Bollweg, Ben Beckley, John Sowle, Mary Beth Warley, Mark Tafoya, Jennifer Tuttle, Andrew Amo, Alicia Adema, Lindsey Andersen, Tom Bain, Lucas Beck, Jeffrey Danneman, Fatima El Shibli, Tamu Favorite, Tim Leinhart, Teresa Meza, Jessica Parker, Jorge Enrique Rivas, Eric Walton & Nina Wheeler-Chalfin.

With thanks to the extraordinary production team: Maggie DiChiara, Cooper Union, Barbara Spence, Karen Greco, Mary Jo McConnell, Chef Mark Tafoya of Remarkable Palette, Warren Saire, Richard Prince, David Buttaro, Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Lindsey Andersen, Tanya Calamoneri of Studio One Eleven & Neal Freeman.