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Countess Aurelia

Madame Aurelia floats, an elegant reminder from another time; having emerged from her spectacular lair, she arrives at the Exchange Cafe where she proffers a most unexpected invitation.

Following the success of UTB’s A Lovely Day (an adaptation of Michel de Ghelderode’s Pantegleize) we now prepare a reverent curtsy to Jean Giraudoux's play The Madwoman of Chaillot for a re-telling in these bully-times of oil gluttony, bank bail-outs and ponzi schemes.

Are we all Mad enough yet?

And if so, might The Meek actually inherit this crazy granite planet?

                           Will we succeed in nursing the poor bird back to health?

Countess Aurelia

Madame Aurelia tells the tale of a day in A Breathtaking City Like Your Own as presidents, barons, prospectors, and bankers plan to drill-up the place - for they have heard reports that there are great reserves of riches below. Aurelia and her whimsical coterie of lady friends get-wind-of-this and create an intoxicating plan to stop the crime and send these naughty persons-of-business into the lower depths. It's an epic tale, with a bittersweet wink of hope.

Countess Aurelia

In development in 2011. Upon These Boards plans to share a lightly-staged "parlor version" of this new adaptation and we'll be certain to invite you (friends, colleagues and artisans) to be with us, to sip in the candlelight, and to hear the story with those ears that reside in your hearts.


In development: 2011. Stay tuned for more on dates.


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