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Upon These Boards is dedicated to professional training for the emerging theatre artist.

We offer a variety of workshops, and have helped place students in well-regarded

professional training programs and theatre conservatories.

Our teachers (regional theatre artists of note) work across the nation.

UTB offers a rehearsal environment where the actor is empowered to explore the ‘finer lines’.


MISSION & GOALS:  This workshop addresses the actor's first approach to character and is based on Michael Chekhov's technique called Psychological Gesture. Although all participants share the space, the workshop concentrates on each actor's private character investigations, rather than on performance. Using large, full body movement, breath and voice as a platform, the actor is invited to awaken her/his intuitive associations with the character, create and develop emotional connections to the role and to inhabit the stage space in character, while radiating her/his energies beyond it.

THE PARTICIPANTS: The ideal number of workshop participants is 7-18 actors. This work is suitable for: professional actors, Conservatory actors, and University graduate & undergraduate actors. (Workshops for high school and junior actors may be scheduled for groups who demonstrate an advanced level of interest and commitment.)

GROUP SESSIONS: Past workshops have been developed for both independent participants working on a character/text of their choice, and ensembles embarking on a particular theatre project or course of study. These sessions are tailored to address the needs of the director and production. Full-cast investigation of this work is most beneficial during the early stages (first 10 days) of a rehearsal process. Directors and facilitators are invited and encouraged to view the work of their actors.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Actors acquire a clearer understanding of this approach by first working in a group setting. However, in order to accommodate rehearsal schedules, development of audition material or scene work, private and 'break-out' sessions are available.

WORKSHOP DURATION: Duration for groups can vary in entirety to accommodate director/administrator needs, however, it is suggested that Day One be no less than 3 hours in length, and subsequent meetings (if applicable) not less than 2 hours in length.

PREPARATION FOR THE ACTOR: Each actor should choose a character in a play with which they are very familiar, or one which they have performed in the past. A thorough understanding of what happens in the play, and the character's journey within it, is mandatory for this work.  Choose a monologue, or a speech no less than 4 lines in length. Bring a paper copy of the chosen text to the workshop. Memorization is not necessary, though it is helpful.  Actors will work in bare feet and should be dressed to move. Bring: a sweatshirt/sweater to address changes in body or room temperature, water and a snack, a pencil and notebook.

To book Ms. Turco-Lyon's time, and/or questions regarding fee,

contact her at: