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Upon These Boards is dedicated to professional training for the emerging theatre artist.

We offer a variety of workshops, and have helped place students in well-regarded

professional training programs and acting conservatories.

Our teachers (regional theatre artists of note) work across the nation.

UTB offers a rehearsal environment where the actor is empowered to explore the ‘finer lines’.

The Audition is the key - and when correctly used, it unlocks many a door.

The Audition is, when honestly analyzed, also a crazy way to have to secure work, yes?

And yet, the process is essential for our craft.

We will help you both sharpen that particular key and proceed with grace to the threshold.

Upon These Boards is proud to note that we've helped prepare and consistently 'place' actors into the nation's top Actor Training Programs. In fact, a primary focus of our work is on the graduate-level theatre student who is preparing "entrance auditions" for MFA programs, U/RTA panels and Shakespeare festivals. In our group workshops we prepare the actor for the various regional 'general' audition rounds throughout the country. We also coach one-on-one with the working professional actor who has occasion to prepare for a groundbreaking audition.

UTB's focus for the work is a vigorous and positive style to help you re-fashion old audition pieces or research and stage fresh material. The process includes a variety of keys: analysis of the text, psychological gesture work, voice/body work - as well as reworking the printed resume. We want you to create the essential and vital audition which will prepare you for the "callback" and potentially land you the role.

"As a developing actor, it is immensely enjoyable to have the chance to work with a true artist. I learned so much. His direction has such clarity and sense of purpose."

"A miracle of motivation. I learned so much from his trust, belief and professionalism."

He has a clear vision and is able to impart that vision to his actors. An exceptional listener.

He possesses unshakeable positive energy, care and charm.

A most solid base in the Classics. He is honest, focused and articulate.

One of the best I've worked with.

Anyone who is around Randall learns and benefits from his love and energy."

To book Mr. Stuart's time, and/or questions regarding fee schedule,

contact us at: