"Ambitious staging...imaginative and vivid, with the added punch of dramatic collage. Charged political theater. The remarkable ensemble of actors show wit and verve."

“…an always involving, always beautiful, and deeply moving evening of theatre...a grand kickoff to the season.  The ensemble is fully up to the task, moving briskly and gorgeously through a series of classical tales, making the old stories bristle with humor, pathos, heartbreak and an occasional balm of mercy. The stories are so engaging, and the actors play them out so beautifully.”



Eurydice Curtain Call

Upon These Boards is a troupe of theatre artists presenting unique stage work in unexpected venues, both time-honored literature and new plays. We serve as a platform for innovative designers, composers, crafts-persons & wordsmiths to combine their imaginings on stage. UTB is the home theatre company of Cerimon House.

"emotional depth" ... "abundant imagination"

"astounding grace" ... "balletic beauty"


Upon These Boards strives to create an epic theatre experience to rattle and awaken an audience whether under a cathedral of redwoods, in water, within a ghostly mansion or promenading through a warehouse. We've established a record of artistic achievement and collaboration with other companies, and seek poetic ways to address peace and social justice issues. In 2003, UTB was presented the Bay Area Critics Circle Award for the 100 cast member Lysistrata Project. Our master classes and workshops serve the seriously-minded student of classical theatre forms.

Cast Photo

"Beautifully crafted, affecting performances

by the finely tuned ensemble

- evocative and expressive work,

a multi-layered theatrical treat."

UTB began its journey in 2000 with Our Vessel Is From Tyre (an adaptation of Shakespeare's Pericles) and we continue in the tradition with the new work Fools Fall (an adaptation of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens). Other works we are shepherding toward full production include: A Lovely Day (a musical adaptation of Ghelderode's Pantagleize) and Madame Aurelia (an adaptation of Giraudoux's The Madwoman of Chaillot).  UTB is also the artistic host the large-scale theatre projects The Tremble and The Inkwell Communiqués.

Artistic Collaborations have included:
Shakespeare Santa Cruz
, Berkeley Rep, Word For Word, Artists Repertory Theatre, Porchlight Theatre Company, TheatreFirst,  Artists Against War

Our Troupe & Artistic Collaborators (bio's):
Paul J. Susi, Jennifer Le Blanc, Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Katy Stephan, Lauren Grace, Todd Tressler, Kate Brickley, Sarah Gahagan, Diana Boos, Cristina Anselmo & Randall Stuart

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